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Art & music study week

Just took my first week off (sort of) in a long time, to spend some time on my mostly mediocre art and music skills. Thought I'd share some random creations from last week - I'm definitely trying to improve at this stuff, so feedback is welcome!

Most of the art & music in the game is quick and rough, so I'm hoping to experiment over the next several months during the evenings to find the final visual & music styles before I go into full-on production.

If I fall totally short or it's taking too long to make progress I might just find a professional artist and license / contract out the music, we'll see. I really enjoy doing both, and would like to keep art & music in my life, so want to at least take a crack at it.

Music experiments

These are some tracks made with FL Studio, in search of "the Infinitroid style". The first two were results of reusing & experimenting with existing sounds from the in-game tracks:

  • Egyptitroid:

  • Depressing orchestral:

  • Partial remake of Converter by Mega Drive - has some cool synths / styles / textures that might fit:

  • Mega Drive Converter remake:

  • Remake of some Star Wars orchestral parts using the EWQL symphonic library. Trying to learn some orchestration stuff and get into the brain of John Williams:

  • Star Wars 1:

  • Star Wars 2:

  • Digital painting experiments

    These are fairly rough & quick, mostly inspired by Feng Zhu's awesome concept art videos. I'm hoping to get better at sketching / painting ideas & concepts for possible inclusion in the game.

    • Underground river:
    • Alien cave (wonky composition):
    • Star Warsy orb thing:
    • Lumpy fly:

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