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Build 0030 is live

Build 0030 is now live on the play page! Here's what's new:

Guided shot

There's a new Guided Shot modifier, for mid-air projectile control. I was experimenting with making some "lock rooms" that require these, but they ended up being really fiddly to activate:

Experienced players would no doubt figure it out but new ones would probably give it the middle finger.

3 other items

I added some new one-time-use items, which I won't spoil but veterans can probably venture some guesses on:

Gameplay balancing

I made a bunch of balancing tweaks:

  • Nerfed the blue circular guys ('fast lost souls') from 6 health to 4.5 (1 health = 1 vanilla blaster hit). It's nice that they're challenging but the difficulty jump felt too steep.
  • Adjusted many rooms for less possibility of "cheapness" - hard enemies clustered next to entrances, etc.:
  • Reduced missile odds by 30% from sector 3 onward. They seem to accumulate too much late-game.
  • Buffed flamethrower damage (0.6 -> 0.8) to make it better for non-flammable enemies.
  • Buffed Spark Generator to same range as the Blaster (8 tiles), and reduced damage slightly (1.4 -> 1.3). Hopefully less of a letdown finding this weapon. I might eventually change this to an "electric modifier" like Novacat was thinking.
  • Slight higher odds of weapons / items in canisters rather than hidden in walls, which should make new players' lives a little easier (less chance of missing them and ending up underpowered later).

Miscellaneous tweaks

  • Projectile size increases more visually when damage mods are added.
  • Gut tile tweak, no more isolated "L" pieces
  • I considered making the "dropper" enemies trigger when another enemy passes under. Derek Yu (Spelunky's creator) shared a nice article on the design philosophy of the Dark Souls team, and I was thinking this could lead to some "magical moments". Unfortunately if you lure an enemy under there it'll always trigger on you first, so not a big strategic help. It'd also mess up the mechanics of most of the rooms that feature those droppers. So, tabled for now.


  • Teleport-onto-spikes is fixed.
  • The compass now only reveals the next 5 undiscovered room / secret icons instead of all of them. I also removed compass / map from the 2nd quest onward like Novacat suggested.
  • Item rooms behind missile doors weren't getting the item-specific layouts. Fixed that.

I've got some work obligations the next 1-2 weeks so time will be a little tight (I do freelance web development part-time) but I hope to get some time for game work, and at the very least a blog post. Stay tuned, and let me know if you find anything weird!

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