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Build 0031 is live

Build 0031 is now live on the play page. Here's what's new:

  • Electric modifier: You can now combine this with any other weapons for new variations. Ditched Spark Generator (Blaster + Electric now is equivalent). Thanks to dogman_35 for the suggestion. I think Novacat mentioned something along those lines too.
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  • Direct weapon select keys: Can now use the number keys (by default) to directly select weapons instead of (or in addition to) the press-to-rotate approach. Controls screen got a major overhaul to support the new keys.
  • Two-button diagonal aim mode: Optional; for people with keyboards that don't support many simultaneous key combinations, or people who like Super Metroid style controls where one button aims diagonally up and one aims down:

Some smaller tweaks and bug fixes:

  • High refresh rate support: Monitors with >60Hz refresh rates were experiencing speedups, should hopefully be fixed now.
  • Buffed light saw damage: Should be more useful now as a high-risk / high damage melee weapon.
  • Health capacity: These once again give you a filled heart instead of an empty one.
  • Boss minions: For the squid boss, I made the circular egg guys inside die when you kill the parent. Fighting the big cluster of them at the end usually gets tedious.
  • Compass tweak: Compass now reveals room icons in order of proximity. Its biggest advantage is secret-finding and those were tending to not show up because of the order they were iterated.
  • Lock icon tweak: Room 'lock' icons now clear when you traverse the room successfully. This was confusing some players.
  • Title screen: Now fades in the menu items automatically on load, less chance of confusion for a new player on how to start the game.
  • Teleporter clarification: These now show a message of the destination's "teleportability" during selection, a lot of experienced gamers didn't realize you could actually teleport anywhere in this game, and not just to other teleporters. In fact you couldn't even teleport to other teleporters, which is now fixed.
  • Black screen bug: This happened after dying, quitting to title, and playing again; now fixed.

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