Infinitroid Dev Blog: Build 0032 is live

Build 0032 is live

Just updated the play page with the latest build, number 0032. Excited about this one, here's what's new:

  • Smoother framerates: I updated the code to unlock framerate and run at whatever the monitor's refresh rate is (provided the GPU & CPU can keep up) rather than trying to frameskip or do anything fancy to maintain 60fps. Tried it on a 144hz monitor on a gaming PC, it was liquid buttery smooth and awesome. This should help with more standard near-60fps monitors too, to give less missed frames and generally improve smoothness (there's a lot of 50hz, 59.94hz and other weird rates out there). If anyone notices any persistent stutter etc. on a decent PC let me know.
  • Brutal secrets: On of the bigger additions for this build - can't describe them, they're a secret! But there's one per world, they're brutal, and they provide one of 4 new exclusive items at the end.
  • New secret room visual theme: Hopefully a little cooler looking:
  • Challenge rooms: I added a bunch of new "challenge room" layouts. They're hard to defeat but provide a lot of basic loot drops if conquered. There's a 70% chance of one appearing in each "biome" (the sections separated by elevators). Should add a little risk/reward spiciness:
  • Intro story overhaul: Got rid of the janky little story popup, rewrote the text, and worked it smoothly into the title screen. Should give a nicer first impression to the game. It shows once for new players; returning players can access it from the title screen's options menu.

Some smaller tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Nightmare room: the "2nd boss" room full of enemies at the end now has the Golden Orb initially visible opposite the cloud of enemies, to give newer players a hint that it can be defeated.
  • Weapon quick move bug: SomeNerd discovered this one. Fixed now.
  • Laser bloom color match: Lighting matches laser color for electric mod etc. (thanks Novacat)

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