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Build 0034 is live

New build! Here's what's been added:

3 new enemy types, 12 new room layouts

For the fleshy biome (sector 4 & 5) I've been wanting some kind of nest enemy that continuously spawns minions. After some experiments I ended up with a sort of emitter gland / blood cell / anemone absorber combination that work together:

The blood cells seek a random anemone thing if one is present, forming sort of capillary flows, otherwise they pile up in the room and drift around randomly. I've got 12 new room layouts featuring them, each with a couple difficulty variations. Looking forward to experimenting with them some more.

For the anemone-thing and the blood cells I used implicit surface / signed distance functions to model and animate (as described on the tech page) rather than 3D modeling with Blender like most of the other graphics. It made it way easier to experiment with number of tentacles, do wavy animations etc., although figuring out the math formulas to model them was a pain.

Still not sure it's the most efficient modeling approach, but it's an interesting technique with some unique possibilities (true curved surfaces, no polygons, crazy math-based instancing / duplication / randomization). For the anemone at least I'm not sure how I would have done it in Blender without a lot of incredibly tedious seam-joining and hand-animation.

Monitor calibration and contrast fixes

I got started working on a trailer and thought I'd check the color calibration on my main monitor, since I've long known it's a little peculiar. Apparently it's way peculiar--more saturated and darker midtones than most of the other monitors I could get my hands on.

Which means: I've targeted all the semi-temporary art for the game on my colorful main monitor, which therefore looks a bit dull and washed out on most other monitors. Doh. Could have checked that 2.5 years ago.

I added a quick contrast adjustment to the compositing shader in this release to hopefully look a bit better on most monitors, but with the random lighting colors it's hit and miss. I'll probably need to do some deeper reworking on this one when I do the final art push.

Curious what people think of the quick contrast fix that's there, let me know if it looks any better on your monitor than the previous version (which you can find here).

Small changes and bugfixes

  • Crouching hitbox reduction: stuff 1 tile above you won't hit you anymore:
  • Switch trapped check: Switch panels now auto-detect if you got trapped in a box with no exit switch and un-switch if so. This let me simplify a bunch of the rooms that had ugly emergency-exit switches plastered everywhere.
  • 1-tile gap improvements: Falling downward into 1-tile gaps is easier now--I added some slip logic when you're not moving and your foot is perched on the very edge of a ledge. Should make the controls feel slightly nicer.
  • Non-teleportable tile designations: From this post, prevents teleporting to the top of rooms with loot that's intended to be unreachable when you get aggro and blow away your supports. Also used them to fix a couple places where you could teleport yourself into a hole and get stuck.
  • Stuck-in-a-door bug: fixed (from fordiman's post)
  • Map fixes: brutal secret room doesn't reveal on map pickup anymore, and "nightmare room" boss icon reveals like it should when you're next door. Also nightmare room was still allowing top doors, that's fixed now, and sometimes it was attaching to the wrong biome, also fixed.


One early access sale so far, so off to a roaring start! If you know anybody that might be interested in the game, feel free to spread the word--I'm pretty new to marketing and promotion, but hope to improve the website stuff over time (and graphics of the game) to better show it off, and also put more of my time into getting the word out. Hope to have a trailer put together soon too--stay tuned.

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