Update: I decided to open up the game for free again for now -- feel free to try it on the play page. The latest blog post brought in a lot of helpful feedback, and one of the big takeaways is that the semi-temporary graphics there now are turning off a lot of people. So I'll likely bring on an artist at some point and reconsider the Early Access thing again when that's in better shape.

The dev process was kinda prototype -> gameplay -> playtesting -> graphics (in progress), so the gameplay's a lot farther along than the rest.


Build 0036 is live

Just a small update here--Infinitroid's in Low Hanging Fruit Mode for a bit--I've got a lot of web work on my plate for the next month, so I'll mainly be focusing on easy-to-implement things.

The first readily-accessible pericarp is a damage-per-second (DPS) gauge on the weapon screen, to give some insight during weapon assembly:

I also tweaked some part values: laser does more damage, electric mod costs 1 battery instead of 0.5, and the damage multipliers are slightly increased on a few parts.

Accessible fruit number two is an option for advanced players to allow the missile generator (and blaster) on any weapon preset:

Should allow presets more suited to individual preferences, but hopefully not be too confusing to new players (provided they don't turn it on too soon).

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