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Build 0038

Another small update--my freelance / day job is still busy so haven't had a lot of time for Infinitroid work. Should be freeing up in a couple weeks though, and then I can get back to the big stuff.

Anyway here's what's new in this build:

  • 5 new room layouts--mostly in the "fleshy" zone. Lots more possibilities to explore there.
  • 14 improved room layouts--many of these were rooms with a "cheap but safe" strategy, like shooting in one place while tech cubes circle around the room and waiting for enough stray bullets to hit. Tried to spice these up with more risk and more dynamic layouts.
  • Guided Shot now extends range too (to allow more time to control projectiles).
  • Fixed a bug where worlds were occasionally generating with way too many rooms.
  • Added a small delay when enemies are spawned from eggs, to give a split second to dodge (might make this longer).
  • Fixed the bug Ignatheis mentioned where you can get perma-stuck in low-ceiling spike pits.
  • Fixed the inadvertent-grub-jump-requirement bug Fordiman found in the brutal secret rooms.

That's all for now. All that's left is to finish the 2nd zone, add a couple more zones, add a bunch more secret stuff, add a ton of unlockable progression stuff, make a proper soundtrack, improve the graphics, release it on Steam, market the crap out of it, fix a bunch of weird hardware bugs I didn't forsee, read reviews, google myself a lot, experience the joy of finishing, experience post-partum depression of finishing, bask in my newfound wealth and/or poverty, take a little vacation, and decide what to do next with my life. So stay tuned :)

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