Update: I decided to open up the game for free again for now -- feel free to try it on the play page. The latest blog post brought in a lot of helpful feedback, and one of the big takeaways is that the semi-temporary graphics there now are turning off a lot of people. So I'll likely bring on an artist at some point and reconsider the Early Access thing again when that's in better shape.

The dev process was kinda prototype -> gameplay -> playtesting -> graphics (in progress), so the gameplay's a lot farther along than the rest.


Build 0039

OK, one more low-hanging-fruit release here. My time is finally freeing up for major game work again, aside from a little project in a couple weeks, so expect some bigger updates soon.

Here's what's new in this one:

  • Gameplay improvements to 20 existing rooms, plus 2 new rooms.
  • Better "ledge fall" handling: no more weird bouncing / vibrating when you're perched on the corner of a tile, and hopefully a good balance now between being able to jump into 1-tile holes when you want to, and being able to land on platforms.
  • Fix for a mapping problem with the weapon screen quick-move key (this bug).

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