Update: Infinitroid is free for now! Try it out on the play page.


Early Access is live

OK, it's been a while. I generally aim for 2 weeks max between posts, but it's been about 4. This update was a doozy. Anyway...

Early Access!

The game is now in self-hosted Early Acccess! Sort of a big milestone. I'm excited and a little nervous to see how it goes. All players who already have accounts will enjoy full web access to all future versions for free. If you want to reserve a Steam key or help support development, you can also upgrade if you choose. New players will need to sign up, for $7.50 USD, and will get full access to the web version as well as a free Steam key when the final PC version launches.

I added Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon Pay integration to give people lots of payment options. And tried to make the overall signup flow buttery-smooth and simple. Check it out on the join/upgrade page.

Two companies I now hate, and one I love

Payment struggles

Integrating it all was a pain; each payment processor has different APIs, and documentation for Amazon Pay and PayPal is poor and labyrinthine. Getting them to work with form validation and a nice workflow required a lot of trial and error, due to weird API choices on their part. In the end I had to revert to PayPal's older "Payments Standard" API because of the inflexibility of their newer one. Backend verification of the charges on each processor was also a bit of a pain. I will say though, Stripe integration was a dream, kudos to their team for making a simple well-thought-out API.

Aside from the processors there was business/legal stuff, different workflows for different types of users (forum only, anonymous, etc.), fraud prevention, email receipts, privacy policy, etc. Anyway, glad to be done with it! This should hopefully be the last major website update; I'll still make small changes in the future for marketing etc., but I plan to focus primarily on the game.


I took a brief detour to improve the typography of the site, to hopefully make the blog and other text-heavy parts more enjoyable to read. I had been reading Matthew Butterick's excellent Practical Typography web-book in the evenings and was eager to put some of his recommendations to use. I probably should have waited--this too ended up being more complicated than I expected, with a lot of pages to re-style. Anyway there's definitely more to improve on this front if I get time, but hopefully the pleasure-factor of reading stuff on the site has increased a bit.

Build 0033 bugfixes and future plans

I didn't want to delay the game much further, so I just did some low-hanging-fruit bugfixes for this release:

  • Added exit switches to the challenge room that can accidentally get you stuck in a box forever:
  • Final "nightmare room" doesn't allow top entrances anymore (this post).
  • Occasional brutal secret misalignment fixed (this post).
  • Reduced jelly boss minion count (this post).

As mentioned on the join/upgrade page, plans for the future include progression between games (unlockable player classes, challenges, etc.) new areas (and finish the last one), better art, new music, and more content variety: items, enemies, weapons, and obstacles.

Looking forward to getting back to it.

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