Update: Infinitroid is free for now! Try it out on the play page.


First trailer, build 0035 (bugfixes)

Infinitroid finally has a trailer!

I had some time to put this together amidst Thanksgiving family visits and such. Feedback is welcome--I might do some alternate edits. For this one I wanted to show how the weapon systems and unlockable areas work, as well as give a taste of other stuff in the game.

For those interested, I used OBS for video capture, and Lightworks for editing, both nice free programs. I made the music track a couple weeks ago using some elements from that Mega Drive song recreation (this post). The track's not in the game yet but hope to use it for one of the later, faster-moving areas.

Bugfixes in build 0035

No gameplay updates in 0035 unfortunately, just a couple bugfixes, including this one about secret high-jump rooms that get you stuck.

Upcoming plans

My web programming / consulting work is getting pretty busy from now thru January, but I was thinking I'd reserve a little time for low-hanging fruit, quick stuff I can do that adds to the game; maybe enemy variations that reuse art assets (ala gun grubs), new music tracks, as well as miscellanous blog topics. Any ideas along those lines are welcome--as always check back here for for the latest stuff.

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