Update: I decided to open up the game for free again for now -- feel free to try it on the play page. The latest blog post brought in a lot of helpful feedback, and one of the big takeaways is that the semi-temporary graphics there now are turning off a lot of people. So I'll likely bring on an artist at some point and reconsider the Early Access thing again when that's in better shape.

The dev process was kinda prototype -> gameplay -> playtesting -> graphics (in progress), so the gameplay's a lot farther along than the rest.


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Laser + electric modifier = lightning gun

Much like adding the electric modifier to the pea-shooter makes the bullet path all wobbly, have it make the laser spawn off short branches and bends like a lightning bolt.

StackExchange example: https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/71397/how-can-i-generate-a-lightning-bolt-effect

Obviously, the branches' individual hit potential would fall off exponentially, but the effect would be really cool.

[Note: I'd never gotten this combination, so to figure out if I had thought of something already-implemented, I had to tweak the latest build to force it into a game. Sorry for the mild server abuse; I didn't want to have to reverse engineer the new initialize_world api, so I proxied it on my local server so I could run the build locally - figuring out what it needed to hear meant hitting it a few more times than one normally would.]

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