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Laser + electric modifier = lightning gun

Much like adding the electric modifier to the pea-shooter makes the bullet path all wobbly, have it make the laser spawn off short branches and bends like a lightning bolt.

StackExchange example: https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/71397/how-can-i-generate-a-lightning-bolt-effect

Obviously, the branches' individual hit potential would fall off exponentially, but the effect would be really cool.

[Note: I'd never gotten this combination, so to figure out if I had thought of something already-implemented, I had to tweak the latest build to force it into a game. Sorry for the mild server abuse; I didn't want to have to reverse engineer the new initialize_world api, so I proxied it on my local server so I could run the build locally - figuring out what it needed to hear meant hitting it a few more times than one normally would.]

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