Update: I decided to open up the game for free again for now -- feel free to try it on the play page. The latest blog post brought in a lot of helpful feedback, and one of the big takeaways is that the semi-temporary graphics there now are turning off a lot of people. So I'll likely bring on an artist at some point and reconsider the Early Access thing again when that's in better shape.

The dev process was kinda prototype -> gameplay -> playtesting -> graphics (in progress), so the gameplay's a lot farther along than the rest.


Infinitroid Forum: Bug Reports

DualShock 4 report

I was able to borrow one of these for testing for a few minutes. It's interoperable, and behaves the same way whether plugged in via USB or paired via Bluetooth. You don't need special drivers, so I can see it becoming a common input method.

For Infinitroid, face buttons are rotated one step counter-clockwise, and mapping/handling of R2/L2 causes player to lock permanently into aiming mode. Not sure what's going on there. Other buttons appear to map correctly (share=weapons screen, options=pause).

Once remapped properly, (jump=south, fire=west, interact=east, items=north), it controls excellently (aside from the lock, which I didn't solve) - the dpad in particular is far more precise than than my XBox stick.

Here's the raw mapping as determined from `jstest` on Ubuntu:

Axis mapping:

  • 0/1 - Left Analog X/Y
  • 2 - left rear shoulder: -32767 at rest, 32767 fully depressed.
  • 3/4 - Right analog X/Y
  • 5 - right rear shoulder: -32767 at rest, 32767 fully depressed.
  • 6/7 - D-Pad X/Y

Button mapping:

  • 0 - South (`X`)
  • 1 - East (`O`)
  • 2 - North (`/\`)
  • 3 - West (`[]`)
  • 4 - Left front shoulder (L1)
  • 5 - Right front shoulder (R1)
  • 6 - Left rear shoulder (L2, triggers at zero throw)
  • 7 - Right rear shoulder (R2, triggers at zero throw)
  • 8 - Left control button (Share)
  • 9 - Right control button (Options)
  • 10 - Center control button
  • 11 - Left analog stick press (L3)
  • 12 - Right analog stick press (R3)

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