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How far does the game go?!

At what point is the game considered temporarily 'beaten'?
This nicely filled a few hours of waiting for a delayed flight yesterday, so thank you!

I think you were running out of space to make it harder... ;)

My firepower had become beyond silly by this point!

Bonus discoveries:
Coins fill up to 99 on collection but go higher with those reusable exchanging items.
Apparently missiles fill up to 104 on collection instead.
Spreaders only stack up to 8 (anything more and the limit of 9 streams stops your damage increasing further) but continue to take battery space if fitted.
Too many monsters and bullets on the screen creates lag. I don't know if that was my end or server end; sorry if it was the latter!

Anyway, thank you for a great game. The furthest I got before this was maybe 5 orbs (electric flamethrower was my friend), and other than that I don't often get orbs at all.

P.S. Write more text ;)

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