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Thing i'd like to be changes/ranting/whining

1. Jelly bosses can be annoying if you don't have fire weapon/good damage/good fire rate, because of the amounts of jelly eggs they spawn. Two ideas about that - either cap amount of spawnable minions to 5-10 per boss, or make that killing boss instantly kills his minions.

2. Knockback can be annoying too, because of fact, that it can knock you "pulling you". idk if it's a bug or feature, but this can get me salty.

3. Why does Electric Modifier needs 0.5 battery and fire modifier 1? Either make Electric more expensive, or Fire cheaper.

4. Enemies in "cocons" count for enemies in the room, which means, that it won't be cleared with them alive. Why? Make them surprise, so shooting to eggs will be never cakewalk.

5. Death room from the end of the game should not have lava. That's an obvious example of unavoidable damage (except if you have Lava Shield)

6. Without good damage/fire rate, some rooms also offer some damage. Especially sector 5 ones.

7. Game imo is much focusing on items that you're going to get. Electric gate means ElectroModi/Sparky, firewall means FireModi/Flamy, 1 block entrances means Grub Suit etc. I know about locked Item Rooms but that doesn't change the situation. It's like, everything in the run can be collected with any items, except that room with green sponge, when if you destroy it, you can't get to cocons/parts up, except when you have Air Jump.

8. Crouching under Tech Cube still makes you take damage. L I T E R A L L Y U N P L A Y A B L E

9. You can't have a weapon in 2nd slot. I mean, you can have it, but then you can't use misile launcher for 3rd loadout.

10. In some rooms, when dropper is killed last, room drop spawns at ceiling - and in some rooms ceiling is higher than jump height.

11. Gun Grubs have infinite range at when they will shoot you. Just why?

That's all for now, i hope you enjoyed my whining. Also, it's not like i roast this game, cuz i hate it, i want it to change for better, cool doesn't mean it can't get cooler ;)

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