About Infinitroid

Arriving at the alien hives with nothing but an underpowered blaster, you will need to scavenge resources, search out hidden caverns, cobble together weapon parts and find a way to survive. Explore one of 4 billion randomly generated worlds and find out the mystery of what's threatening your home colony.

Rogue-lite metroidvania & platformer

Infinitroid is a roguelike (or rogue-lite) sci-fi platformer with procedurally generated levels and deeply customizable weapons.

My goals for the game include replayability (a unique experience each time you play), rewarding exploration, random powerups and abilities that open up new areas (ala metroidvania), and some Zen / philosophical themes.

Play online, in-browser

This is a self-hosted Early Access game that you can play online in the browser--feedback and suggestions are appreciated! The finished game is planned for release on PC (Steam) and hopefully consoles.

Development story so far

This is a solo indie game project I started working on in 2015, in between freelance web development jobs. Some goofy weapon system ideas and wrong turns led to the game in its current form. Read more >


Binding of Isaac Infinitroid's inspirations include games like The Binding of Isaac, the original NES Metroid, Super Metroid, Spelunky, and many others. A lot of good advice from other developers has greatly helped my productivity since the project started. Read more >

Engine & tech details

Normal mapped sprites Built on a handmade C++ game engine, normal-mapped sprite system, DirectX and OpenGL, OpenAL, Emscripten, asm.js, Box2D and more. Read more >

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